TDM may look like just a graphic apparel business on the surface, but giving back to our community both near and far has and will always be one of our top core values. We believe in moms helping moms & that together, we can overcome any & all things. While we value celebrating all things family, we also understand that the journey of parenthood can not only be rewarding, but also challenging at times. 

Silently we have been collecting portions of sales throughout the year from purchases from our customers to give back to families in need this holiday season. We’ve been so excited about this mission & our ability to include our TDM fam in these acts of service that we decided to finally give it a name, “A Mother’s Village”.

We are proud to announce we are now accepting nominations for A Mother’s Village

If you know of an individual or family in need of some extra love, support, and Christmas cheer this season, please nominate them here

I think we all can agree that this year has been a bit of a doozy, and while we believe giving back throughout the year is just as important, we always feel extra inclined to give around Christmas time when families are in need of some extra love & Christmas cheer to ensure everyone has a loving & memorable Christmas!

We’ll be continuing to collect a portion from sales at different times now throughout the remainder of the year to donate to families you nominate from around the world. 

We are also accepting monetary donations to provide these families with things such as gift cards for groceries and/or household items they may need. If you’d like to send a monetary donation, please venmo @THEDESTINEDMOM or cashapp $THEDESTINEDMOM with subject line “A Mother’s Village”. 

Thank you to all of our customers who remain one of the BEST parts of TDM. Without all of you, we couldn’t make or have the impact that we do. 

*If you are a fellow business owner and would like to partner with us on this mission, please let us know here.